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  • Reception
    • Each disinfection of the surface of the reception desk.
    Regular disinfection of the hotel entrance and other surfaces (handrails etc.) in the lobby.
    • Use of protective helmets and gloves by hotel staff.
    • Minimizing the time the Guest is at the reception desk. Each disinfection
    room cards (issuing / receiving) and a payment terminal.
    • Introducing a limit on the number of people waiting in line at the reception desk in the hotel lobby.
    • Keeping the distance between the guests in the queue by marking the line
    showing safe distances.
    • Each guest entering the hotel has the temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer
    and is asked to disinfect hands.
    • During the check-in, the guest receives a disinfected room card along with full information
    about hotel security procedures.
    • Public spaces
    • Detailed disinfection of toilets in the hotel, including according to GIS recommendations.
    • Providing a liquid for disinfecting hands for guests - an easily accessible and visible dispenser in the
    reception and on the hotel floor next to the lifts, as well as at the entrance to the restaurant, part
    common areas of the hotel.
    • Conducting an information campaign for guests regarding the maintenance of special measures
    • Disinfection of hotel elevators.

    Hotel room
    • Detailed disinfection and ventilation of the hotel room, including according to GIS
    • Provision of a disinfectant and masks in the hotel room, upon the Guest's request.
    • Ozonation of each room left by the Guest before accepting the next one
    • We have a RMK laundry certificate for the use of top-quality chemicals

    virucidal. All the dishes in the room are disposable.
    • Cleaning staff use disposable gloves and helmets.

    • Providing a safe space for guests waiting to enter the restaurant, bar.
    • Keeping safe distances - lines indicating distances.
    • Mandatory hand disinfection of all guests entering the restaurant.
    • Introduce appropriate safe distances between tables and chairs in the restaurant.
    • Introducing restrictions on the number of people staying in the restaurant at the same time.
    • Resignation from standard buffet dishes for meals served by the staff
    waiter at restaurant tables.
    • Introducing meal times for individual rooms ensuring an adequate safe
    number of people.
    • Breakfast and afternoon / evening room service delivered to the hotel room
    in the form of eco-boxes (if necessary).
    • Each time disinfection of tables, chairs, other surfaces and menu cards in the restaurant
    after each guest.
    • Wearing of visors and gloves by restaurant employees.

    • Specialized in-house training on specific security measures
    and caution in terms of coronavirus prevention, including according to GIS recommendations,
    hotel staff. Conducting an information campaign for staff regarding behavior
    special precautions according to GIS and WHO recommendations.
    • Measuring the temperature at the arrival of each employee to work, in preparation for this
    room, secondment in case of low-grade fever and ill symptoms
    home worker.

    • Providing hand sanitizer for employees - an easily accessible and visible dispenser
    in the back of the hotel, cloakrooms.
    • Introducing additional disinfection of common spaces of employees - cloakroom, kitchen,
    social rooms and warehouses.
    • Reorganization of the employee change system to introduce restrictions on the number of people
    starting change simultaneously.


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