When renting a room, the hotel Guest shall show a document with photo, confirming the Guest's identity, to the Receptionist while checking in. In case of refusal to show the document in a manner that allows check-in, the Receptionist is required to refuse to hand over a room key.

The Guest personally fills in the check-in card with his/her full name and signs it. Upon the Guest's request, the Receptionist is required to enter other check-in data him or herself from the identity document, which the Guest can leave at the reception desk for this purpose.

Beginning the stay at the hotel means that you accept the provisions of this Rules of Procedure.

The hotel room is rented for hotel nights. The hotel night begins at 14.00 on day of rental and ends at 12.00 the next day. If the Guest does not specify the length of stay, while hiring a room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.

The Guest should report his/her wish to extend his/her stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival to the Reception Desk until 9:00 am on the day of expiry of the room rental period, however it does not bind the hotel. Hotel will take into account the Guest's wish to extend his/her stay in accordance with its capacity. Remaining in the room or leaving things in the room after 12.00 is treated as an extension of stay. IF the Guest leaves the room after 12.00, the computer software running in the Reception Desk, will charge a fee for the next day by renting a room according to the full price.

The Guest, renting a room, cannot hand over the room to other people, even if the day for which he or she paid, did not end. The people, who have not been checked in, can stay in the hotel room from 7.00 to 22.00. Stay of non-checked people in the Guest's hotel room after 22.00 is treated as a consent of the Guest renting the room for payable accommodation of these people into the room. Any additional person will be accommodated in accordance with the current price of extra bed for an adult, according to the price list available at the reception . Children under 13 must be under the constant care and supervision of adults during the entire stay in the hotel. The legal guardians of children are responsible for the behaviour of the children, including any damage and injury they have made.

In the hotel, including the hotel rooms, in accordance with the law of 8 April 2010 amending the Act on Protection of Health against the Consequences of the Use of Tobacco and Tobacco Products and the Act on State Sanitary inspection (Journal of Law, No. 81, item 529) - there is a total ban on smoking cigarettes and Tobacco. Violation of the ban on smoking cigarettes and tobacco products in a hotel room is equivalent to an expressing by the Guest renting the room a consent to cover the costs of room dearomatisation in the amount of 1.200 PLN.

In the hotel there is a lights-out period from 22.00 to 6.00 the next day. In the lights-out hours the Guests and persons making use of the hotel services shall behave in a manner not disturbing the peace of stay of other people.

The Guest shall bear full substantial and legal responsibility for any damage to or destruction of equipment and devices of the hotel attributable to him/her of people visiting him/her.

Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use immersion heaters and other electrical equipment, which is not the room equipment, in the hotel rooms and other areas. The above does not apply to the chargers and power suppliers for the RTV and computer equipment. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use open fire in the hotel rooms and other areas.

Each time, when leaving the room, the Guest should check if the door is locked and make sure it is closed.

The hotel's liability for loss of or damage to the objects brought in to the hotel by a Guest is governed by the provisions of Art. 846-849 of the Civil Code. Responsibility of the hotel is limited, if these items are not deposited at the reception desk. The Hotel has the right to refuse to accept for safekeeping money, securities and valuable items, in particular the valuables and objects having scientific or artistic value, if they threaten the safety or have too much value in relation to the size or standard of the hotel, or take up too much space.
The Hotel provides services in accordance with its standard. In the case of any comments concerning the quality of service, the customer is asked to the immediately report them at the reception desk, what will allow for a proper response.

Personal belongings left in the room by the Guest leaving the room will be returned at his/her own cost to the specified address. If the hotel does not receive any disposal, it will store these items for 3 months, and then transfer them for charity purposes or public use.

In case of violation of the provisions of these Regulations, the hotel may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violates them. Such a person is required to immediately follow the requests of the hotel personnel, to pay the fee for the provided services, to pay for any possible damage and destruction made and to leave the site.

The Hotel may refuse to accept a guest, who during the previous stay blatantly violated the rules, damaging the hotel property or property of other Guests or harmed the Guests, hotel personnel or other people remaining in the hotel, or otherwise disturbed the peace and quietness in the hotel.

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